And what about the day when spare parts will no longer be available? With an electric upgrade, your Solema machine still has a life ahead.


Keeping updated the electrical parts of your Solema machines is the right strategy to avoid the risk of finding yourself stuck by spare parts no longer in production.

Solema machines are industrial machines designed to work 24/7. To handle editorial products or to cut paperboard sheets, gears, supports and counterweights are continuously stressed. But if all these mechanical devices move, there are complex components that govern their operations. These are the electric-electronic-software control systems: and they are the focus of this article.

Why should they be kept up-to-date? 
The case of the Super-Combi built in 1998 installed in Chile.

It is emblematic, in this sense, the case of the Super-Combi sn. R131107. Running since 1998, in Chile, this machine had never had problems. And even today it wouldn’t have any, except that in 2019 an electronic board inside the main electrical panel gave forfait.

An unexpected fact like this is usually solved with a quick replacement. You take the defective component and just replace it with a new one, right? Yes, but in the meantime, the technology of that component was obsolete, and the manufacturer had no interest in continuing its production. I mean, that boards was nowhere to be found.

The result? The machine could not suddenly work anymore. It could not be repaired in a reasonable short time and with no impact on productivity. In fact, there was no way to restore its operation because the same part no longer existed. To solve the situation, the only thing to do was to proceed with an electrical upgrade.

In this way, with an organized intervention schedule, Solema technicians would have faced the problem radically, replacing in a single stroke all the engines, actuators, PLCs and wiring with latest generation components. The old technology would be abandoned, while the Super-Combi R131107 would gain more years of service. And the owner would have benefited from a machine that – given the due considerations – would have energy consumption reduced by up to 50%.

The electrical upgrade was then actually executed. February and March were needed for the pre-assembly phase (performed at Solema premises in Italy), while in April the technical intervention took place in Chile.
The machine started working at a faster pace than it could before, and the owner regained the security of having a well working machine. But at what price

Why investing in an electric upgrade in advance?

The story of the Chilean Super-Combi highlights at least two main aspects.

First of all, the fact that an electric upgrade is always possible, whether it is for a Super-Combi, a Pluton or any other Solema machine. An electric upgrade is a choice of absolute common sense, especially when it is made before the occurrence of unforeseen situations such as the one told above: the value of the electric upgrade is in fact in the prevention of situations that could lead to production stoppages.

Secondly, an electric upgrade is an integral upgrade of the electrical, electronic and software equipments of your Solema machine. This means that all motors, gearboxes, inverters, as well as PLCs, sensors and buttons that currently equip your machine are replaced with latest generation components.

Your machine will gain new life, because the new items will have warranty and spare parts support from the manufacturers. Then the new generation components – precisely because of technology beyond the original one – will give your machine more agile and controlled performance.
In addition, inverters and motors, notoriously hungry for consumption, are now designed with green-oriented purposes.
Now all the motors installed in your machine are interconnected. Thus, it happens that a brushless motor under braking transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy (and no longer into heat), and the energy generated feeds one among the other engines that in the meantime needs it.
The power consumption of the entire machine will be significantly reduced, and this can only result in a more profitable business for you.

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If you purchased your Solema machine more than 10 years ago, ask us for a free quotation for an electric upgrade. Increasing your machine life – and keep yourself safe from the frantic search for spare parts that cannot be found – has to be your first interest!

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