Andax Jumbo for automotive


Large format partitions in corrugated board

Lights, hubs, tyres wheels, mirrors, joints, suspensions, filters, shafts. Industrial products of high and refined technology, which do not have to suffer any damage during the displacement in the distribution chain, from the logistic placement on pallet to the transport by truck. Ensuring the integrity of them is the first need in automotive.

For the shipment of original spare parts, in fact there is the necessity of extra protection as the pieces are in different sizes, but above all they must be shipped all around the world from the manufacturers reducing to the minimum the possibility of damage and alteration of components.

For this reason the best solution is to lie them into corrugated board partitions, that are usually formed by shaped elements, realized according to the components shape. With their dimensions up to 1400×1200mm in order to exploit the largest foothold, the partitions assembled by andax-jumbo could be composed by any number of elements, they could be asymmetric and even be produced with no premium quality board.

With its extra sizes and its exceptional precision, andax-jumbo is the only partition assembler with size change times in line with market dynamism, allowing to pass from one production to another in very short times during a working day.

Andax-jumbo is still gaining preferences also from new customers, for this reason our machine is meant to be an indisputable investment in this field.

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