Digi Sol, the brand new Solema Stacker for digital Lines


Digi Sol, the brand new Solema Stacker for digital Lines | Solema srl

Solema developed Digi Sol Stacker, one step closer to the growing needs of our customers in the Graphic Art Industry

Solema is pleased to present its customers the new stacker Digi Sol, conceived to stack soft and hard cover products without compensating on lines with a maximum speed of 2000 books/h, especially on digital lines.

Digi Sol has been developed to meet the growing needs of our customers and for this reason we focused on this project with the objective of getting a simple, compact and cheap solution for them.

Digi Sol is actually simple in its use and working process, but also in its shape and frame. Regarding the use, it is very fast in its make ready and size change operations, thanks to the 2 easy-accessible hand-wheels. Concerning the structure, it is quite simple too; Digi Sol is small and compact to fit into minimal space, but also easy accessible in all its parts for maintenance and cleaning thanks to the cover on the top.

Digi Sol could be endowed with some optionals, that are servo motors for automatic size-change and an interface to receive products data. Both of them make the start-up operations even faster and easier.

Please find below a lay out with some of the sample applications of Digi Sol Stacker:

Please also look up the video of the Digi Sol at the following link: http://youtu.be/gkwLQp4PGzM

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