First time at SuperCorr2016, what a deal!


First time at SuperCorr2016, what a deal! | Solema srl

17th/20th October 2016

From 17th to 20th October we had been at SuperCorr 2016 (› link) in Orlando (FL) for the Packaging, at which we took part with our partner Solema USA.

SuperCorr 2016 had been a great occasion to present officially to the US-market our boards range of machines and it had been a big success in terms of interest and visitors, but especially in terms of business.

At our first official appearance on the US-market, we sold the solema andax that we shown on our booth.

The customer Oklahoma Interpak hear about Solema for the first time, and had no hesitations to choose us, having the machine working in front of their eyes.

They saw solema andax accuracy and flexibility, and with a DUPLEX loading channels they evaluate whole productivity amount. They bought the machine complete with the COLLAPSER to reach maximum efficency.

You can find a “diary” of our experience at SuperCorr 2016 on our social network!

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next appointment: ALL4PACK, 14th/17th November

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