More efficiency for spare parts service


Speed it up with your customer code

The new integrated system management for the assistance and spare parts requests has been developed to make the procedure more rigorous and reliable. For our customers this means:

- Digital tracking for every enquiry 
- Respected priority for each request 
- Reduced waiting times to process requests

In order to experience our new system, you should use the form at the bottom of the service and spare parts pages. Fill it in easily if you already have the customer number; if you don’t have an assigned number yet, so you need to request it.

Are you already a Solema customer? 
The 4-digit customer code required to fill in the form has already been assigned you – you can find it on your last delivery document or invoice. If you cannot find it, please contact our assistance office by mail ( ) or call +39 035 654 165. Follow this short video (►) to forward your request!

Are you a new Solema Customer? 
You need to register in our database before sending your enquiry. In this way you will receive the customer number that you will use for every assistance and spare parts requests forwarded through our website. Follow this short video (►) that will help you during the registration and send your request!

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