New year, new ideas and new services offered by Solema


New year, new ideas and new services offered by Solema | Solema srl

New year 2014 promises to be an important year for Solema from the point of view of the objectives, opportunities and services for all our customers

We know for sure that 2014 will be a very important year for Solema, thanks to the ambitious goals we have set out to achieve and the expectations we place considerable not only in the Graphic Arts industry, but also in the Packaging trade, where we begin to work after the acquisition of Roda Converting business unit "Pads and Partitions".

The acquisition of the know-how and the technical skills for Solema Roda machines takes place continuously and intensively throughout 2013 and now we can say that we are ready for 2014 to fulfill all the requests that our new customers will make remaining at their complete disposal for every need they will have.

Thanks to the hard work made by every member of our staff, we manage to be prepared practically and technically for after-sales on Solema Roda machines from now on, even with direct inspections on existing machines at customer sites.

We are now able to work on every customer request working direcly on site, always improving our technical skills and also having a direct connection with our new customers, in order to ensure them continuity and a consolidated and lasting cooperation.

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