Our Maintenance Programs: the reliability you are looking for


Our Maintenance Programs: the reliability you are looking for

Planning interventions to reduce unforeseen events

When you talk about industrial machinery, the most effective strategy to reduce any unexpected interruption is to foreseen it, developing a suitable schedule with detailed checks to do.

Surely this is not an idea you didn't knew. What would sound new for you is that Solema could now help you in planning your own mainenance strategy and take care of all the technical inspections, checks and repairs to monitor and improve your graphicart or paperboard equipments status.

We are by your side in this phase: together we will agree how to schedule the dates at the most convenient moment, in order to have little or, even better, no impact on your production.
Considering that every machine has its own features, we, as Manufacturer, are the ones who really know them in depth and that’s why we are certainly the most skilled and expert to plan a maintenance protocol and to settle specific targets to meet its deadlines and requirements.

Who could be more qualified than us? We have designed and developed every machine taking advantage of our decades of experience in the field.
We are able to prevent when and how a machine will need an intervention, by relying on the analysis of the components’ wearing and on the evaluation of each production process.

Moreover, every time that our skilled technicians will be at your premises, they will not only look after the machines to make them even more performing and efficient, but also be available to train your operators making them always more confident and expert in using Solema equipments.

Maintenance and training: we deal with them, you benefit from them.

Our Customer Care comprises this service named Preventive Maintenance Check & Service Program (› link) that could grant you the reliability you need, in the midst of the thousand variables that you are facing every day in your work environment.

Please schedule your meeting (› link) to draft together your customized program or to have more info. 

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