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Solema Pluton - palletizer - Paper Board

2018 has recognized the hard work done, and the energies invested in the last years, strengthening our market leadership once again.

For the Graphic Art ( › link ) division, 30 palletizers ( › link ) sold this year and dozens of automatized custom-made production lines ( › link ) installed worldwide allowed us to increase our reference list. We have taken care of big projects developed inside of most important binderies of the world, which have decided again to collaborate with Solema, reaching with these new installations great results in terms of automatization and efficiency ( › link ).

Almost 30 machines have also been sold for the Paper Board ( › link ) division. We have done big steps ahead in the development of new projects, like the Casiermatic x20 ( › link ) and the first automatic cutting line for solid board, composed by Sb-Feed + Idealgandria + B-Pal ( › link ).

2018 has also been a year of changes within the company structure with the designation of Mr. Luca Parsani as new CEO after 25 years of cooperation with the Company. Moreover Mr. Luca Borella become the manager of the Commercial Area that includes, together with sales, the after-sales services and the marketing.

A special thanks goes to all the Solema employees and Sales Representatives for their commitment and competence working every day with dedication for the achievement of great goals together.

2019 will surely bring new opportunities and challenges and we are ready to face them as already done in 2018.

Solema wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Healthy and Successful New Year!

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