"Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület" visit Solema


Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület" visit Solema | Solema srl

At the end of May a group of Hungarian Companies came to Italy to visit production plants of Italian manufacturers rated to be in the most advanced for technologies and automations in the Graphic Art and Paper Board Industry

The trip organization has been promoted from our Hungarian agent Keményfém KFT and, in the end of May, we had the pleasure to host 30 people respectively working for different companies belonging to the technical association of the Hungarian Paper and printing Industry Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület.

The tour started from Solema with a visit to all our departments, where our guests had the possibility to discover how we manage to study and design our equipment to fulfill our customers' request, and how we manufacture and test each component and system before the delivery to the end user.

A presentation of our activities was held at Solema, introducing our guests the well established automation product line for the Graphic Art Industry (link) and also with notions about the Solema new Paper Board's Division established after the acquisition of the Roda Pads&Partitions businedd unit to serve this industry.(link)

After the visit at Solema, the group visited also SCS Automaberg who was jointly helping Keményfém and Solema to arrange the visit program. The tour of SCS factory was led by Mrs. Loretta Sellecchia and Mr. Scarpellini.

On the second day, the group visited the company IGF, located in Aldeno (TN) and company Veronapack, located in Ronco all'Adige (VR). IGF is a company operating in the Graphic Art industry from more than 25 years and is producing with some of the highest degree of automationsoft and hard cover books. There, the group have been able to see the Solema products applied to the bookbinding industry. The presentation and the tour were led from the managing director of the company, Mr. Fulvio Baldo.

Veronapack is a company operating in the Paper Board Industry, highly specialized in the production of Pads&Partitions in solid and corrugated board.

Through the presentation of the owner, Mr. Giovanni Angero, our Hungarian guests have been able to see in production most of the Solema equipment, integrating Roda technology, to automate the cutting and assembly of the partitions. The machines installed there are: Roll-Cut, Moser, Super Combi, Andax, Andax Wide and Andax Jumbo.

The third and last day, visits were held at Arti Grafiche Johnson in Seriate (BG) and two plants of Rotolito Lombarda Spa, one in Capriate (BG) and one in Seggiano (MI).

Arti Grafiche Johnson, a factory of the group BePrinters, is one of the biggest manufacturers of diaries and calendars in the world. The company tour was led by Mr. Arrigoni, a senior consultant to the plant manager of the company based in the Bergamo area.

Rotolito Lombarda Spa is a global leading printing and service company with 35 years of experience, printing 120 thousand tons of paper every year with an high percentage of it bound internally in soft or hard cover. Visiting two of the four plants our guests could see one of the worldwide most automated production site in the Graphic Arts industry. Different types of bookbinding processes have been seen from the group all of them including Solema's palletizers, stackers, feeders, cooling towers and conveyors.

During these days we have been able to prove to our Hungarian guests how, thanks to the most updated technologies and automations systems manufactured from Solema, the results in terms of flexibility, productivity and cost rationalization are very noticeable and above the expectations in both, Graphic Art and Paper Board industries.

We would like to thank everyone that make it possible: all the partecipiants, our Italian customers that allowed us to visit their plant and had been very helpful during the tour, SCS Automaberg and above all our Hungarian agent Keményfém and its staff.

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