Preventive Maintenance Plans


Your productivity without setbacks

There are some components, in an industrial machine, that are impacted by functional deterioration due to wearing over time. Sometimes the loss of effectiveness is progressive and quite constant. Other times it can be over whelming and all at once.

To prevent this kind of events, Solema acts by a combined two-step strategy. The first one is to designs the machine in order to focus the wearing only on chosen parts; the second is to offer to the customers a special maintenance plan to monitor these parts.

The Preventive Maintenance Plans are detailed technical interventions in customers’ premise, in which we schedule:

• periodical checks by Solema specialized technicians;
• preventive replacement of critical parts;
• hour amount for extra-training;
• hour amount for free phone service.

After an important investment, to subscribe to the Program of Preventive Maintenance is the proper and convenient way to keep it efficient during use and always vital for maximum performance. To protect the equipment, to reduce the working time and to increase the potential profit of owning machines are only some of the many advantages that you can get from subscribing this new Customer Care Program; activating a customized plan of preventive maintenance allows you to get better rates on ordering spare parts.

Ensure long life and optimal operation of your machinery by choosing the new Solema Preventive Maintenance service.

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