Solema Open House 2015 - 15/16 september 2015


Solema Open House 2015 - 15/16 september 2015 | Solema srl

From September 15th to the 16th, solema will host the company Open House to present the new machines and upgrades for the Packaging and the Graphic Arts industries

Brochures, emails, pictures, technical sheets. They’re all great tools to describe something that…you wouldn’t send only to talk about.

The Open House is an event where you can directly see and evaluate our new products sol-combi, sol-box and jumpy, and technical upgrades on machines already established in the market (casiermatic, multiroll-cut, andax, pluton and mini pluton). Also planned live demonstration.

Subscription is open to customers, suppliers and partners; to participate, download the invitation and follow the instructions for filling.

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