Solema Uni.Co: the revolutionary cutting system for your business


Solema Uni.Co: the revolutionary cutting system for your business

A scalable investment for your business - with Uni.Co you are free to grow

A revolution in the converting industry

Are you a manufacturer working in the converting industry? Are pads, partitions and other kind of packing material your core business?

Solema designed for you a revolutionary modular machine: the most innovative cutting system for both solid and corrugated board created to ease the production process increasing the technological offer.

It is called Uni.Co, and it is the final solution for every kind of work in the world of packaging and converting. It is made up of modules, designed to be integrated perfectly in your productive process, that allow you to work with every type of paperboard, starting from solid or corrugated, then sheets or reel.

Uni.Co is capable to produce the full range of converting ‘specialties’, from pads to partitions and fillers. In fact, thanks to its technology, is the only machine that allows you to manufacture solid and corrugated paperboard, combining the different production accuracies together with a quick machine make-ready, answering exactly to today’s market most common demands.

One machine or four! main feature is its modularity that includes the innovative punching station which, together with flexibility and compactness, makes one of a kind.

From now on, you won’t have to manage four different machines. You will have one that produces protection pads, fillers, euro-lock partitions and slotted one! incorporates the technologies of four historical Solema machines: Idealgandria, Gandria, Super-combi and Sol-combi. 

Uni.Co perfectly embodies our company mission: customizing machines according to our customers’ need.

Modularity – flexibility – compactness: find out Uni.Co unrevealed features is a revolutionary cutting system with which you will be able to add new types of products to your portfolio without buying a new machine. is the only cutting system available on the market made up of 3 different stations that, duly combined, can create 4 distinct configurations. In this way your cutting line will be able to evolve easily in every moment just by adding a new module increasing your production range. 

If your business is mainly focused on pads production and you would like to widen your production range with partitions later, with you just need to upgrade the machine with the right module

Moreover, thanks to the modularity of the punching tools – they’re modular too – made up of segments that can be added or removed, the machine gives the customer the possibility to adapt the measurements of the different partitions.

You will have in one shot the advantages that follow:

  • Scalable investment thanks to a technological and innovative machine
  • Possibility to increase the products offer just by adding a module (the machine has been designed especially for this purpose)
  • Opportunity to change the configuration of after the purchase by adding / removing module

In this way you will grant yourself access in different market segments at any moment.

But Modularity is just one of the unrevealed specifics of this innovative machine. Flexibility and compactness are the other two relevant ones.

The machine flexibility allows to process both solid and corrugated paperboard. is the perfect machine to process 20 different runs of 1000 pieces every day! This is because it is the only machine offering a 5 minutes punching pattern switch time

Another advantage of Uni.Co is its compactness. The new safety measures have allowed us to circumvent the classic protection nets by putting specific covers, making Uni.Co a real compact machine with an innovative design where the operators safety is ensured. In fact, it is the first time that a full cutting line is condensed into a machine measuring 8.5 × 2.5 meters (about 28 × 8 feet).

The web configurator

To better understand the potential of Uni.Co, we have created a dedicated website accessible here which explains in details operations and characteristics of the machine and in which there is an innovative configurator that gives you the possibility to create the perfect machine relying on your real production needs.

Are you ready to choose immediately the right configuration according to your needs? We are waiting for you on

Let’s the designer talk

We met Emanuele Zanini, Mechanical Designer of Solema and Technical Manager of the Uni.Co.

Good morning Emanuele. Which are the key points of Uni.Co?

The main advantages of the machine have already been extensively listed above. One thing that has not yet been fully discussed is the innovative Software for management, which makes Uni.Co truly special.

The software allows you to fully control the machine through a touch-screen panel, with which the operator interacts with in the desired language through an easy-to-use GUI.

The optimization of the software allows the machine to perform an automatic high-precision production cycle that makes possible to process from simple cross-cut to punching or creasing / tracing with results never seen before.

The concept of space-saving is also important: the compactness of the machine comes out as the best solution to protect all the most dangerous areas of the machine. 

This is an added value which also facilitates maintenance operations. With Uni.Co, you won’t need to disassemble any parts of the machine to perform ordinary lubrication or other mainteinance jobs. Just by opening a door you’ll have direct access to the internal mechanics

The adjustments of the machine have been significantly improved: now you have the possibility to set the thickness of the paperboard to process more precisely with the motorized adjustment kit, making the machine fully automatic.

Other advantages of the machine?

The machine has been designed to guarantee the maximum cutting precision, a result accurately achieved after about a year and a half of work and tests.

Also the machine’s acoustic has been improved: Uni.Co produces less noise than its ancestor Sol Combi, thanks to its completely covered design.

In these 18 months we have also worked extensively on improving the punching process of the machine which allows to automatically discard the waste of the processed cardboard.

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