The first step is semiautomatic


The first step is semiautomatic

Partitions assembling is a dispendious operation in terms of time.

Before commodities become consumer goods, there are a lot of industrial processes that follow one another. The firms involved give each other high number of products and – as we are talking about B2B exchange – the most effective choice for this packaging is a corrugated paperboard partition.
Partitions that, in this case, have big dimensions and a lot of cells – also over 200 – to host hundreds of products on each layer.

Realizing this kind of packaging in a manual way is elaborate work: transversal and longitudinal elements to be assembled could be more than 30 and the flexible structure of paperboard doesn’t ease the process. 

Now, take as reference a partition 1000x1200 mm (39 38 x 47 14”) with 208 cells, 12 longitudinal elements and 15 transversal ones: an operator that makes this work by hand would not be capable to assemble more than 40 pieces/hour, also depending on paperboard quality *. With the same product, the first step of automation with Solema Andax-Jumbo semiautomatic (A) enhances the production rate at 300 pieces/hour, whereas with Andax-Jumbo automatic (B) ( › link ) you can reach 600 pieces/hour. Can you imagine the ROI? -

Both options could make your business more convenient.
Choose between them basing on the job’s you have to satisfy.

* data provided by a customer who recently decided to invest into a semiautomatic Andax-Jumbo

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