Work in progress Solema Roda...


Work in progress Solema Roda... | Solema srl

One step ahed for Solema in the process of acquisition of Roda know-how

After the acquisition of Roda products and brand, Solema started to work hard on this new project in order to learn as soon as possible the technical skills and know-how for the Roda equipments and exploit them to reach great results and success.

This process is continuing since the time of acquisition, thanks to the direct participation of Roda and BHS staff here in Solema factory. Their support and presence is not only in sales activities and in commercial matters, but above all there is a constant presence and participation of Roda and BHS staff in the realization of the first two Roda machines manufactures here in Solema for the first time, specifically an Andax and an Idealgandria.

The full support of all BHS and Roda staff makes Solema able to manage this transition phase at the best of its abilities and to establish immediately a direct connection with all the new customers and agents, ensuring continuity and dedication and putting at the service of the new customers and agents all its experience and reliability.

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