Among the production machines in a bindery, a conveying system is the base: flat transport, uphill transport, vertical transport, suspended transport. And devices to allow the free passage of operators and semi-finished products across (e.g. by forklift) are needed too. Variable-length conveyors, curves with different radius and accessories such as guides and rollers are Solema components that, combined, can solve every production requirement by adapting to the available spaces.


One of the first components built from Solema, the roller curves are also one of the most diffuse and tested products. Over 15.000 curves of different size are running in the field transporting every type of graphic product, guaranteeing also after many years of working an almost zero maintenance.

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Curving changing transporting height. This is one of the most convenient way to save space without changing the product orientation.

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In the drying lines where the products are transported in vertical position, these curves allows to create different configurations depending on the available space.

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90° and 180° curves with idle rollers, in order to optimize the product flow in the available space.

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Thanks to the continuous supporting surface, these curves make it possible to transport piles of stacked products with the maximum softness. Available in different dimensions.

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