Say Drupa, think Solema


Stepping towards Drupa 2020

Drupa is by far the world’s most important fair for printing technologies, bookbindery processes, and paperboard converting towards paperboard converting towards sustainable packaging ways.

Solema has always known about this and so at our first Drupa edition in 1990 we presented the SOL-D. This was our first stacker machine for hardcover products and collecting books at the outfeed of a case-in machine. The first appearance in such an important stage had been done. 

Since that time, we have never missed any editions despite the economic hardships that hit us in the bookbinding industry.

In 1995 our machine portfolio had expanded a lot. The Sierra Saw (›link) was in our stand and now bookbinders’ processing had been made easier because of it. This made way for sewing operation on double printed book blocks could be done inline without pausing the operations (ah by the way, did you know that, even if Drupa has always been a quadrennial fair, the 1994 and 1998 editions had been shifted to a quinquennial period to exactly match the year 2000?).

2000 was the celebration for the undisputed Fastbook (›link) success. From then to now over 550 feeders have been sold to automate any type of product. Pluton (›link) premiered in 2004, Magic Box (›link) in 2008, and Venus (›link) in 2012.

When the graphic art industry (›link) and paperboard converting (›link) came together, we were there and in 2016 we exhibited an Idealgandria (›link). Solema is now known as a world expert in bookbindery processes as well as in paperboard converting solutions.

What will be in 2020?  

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