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B-PAL is a device studied to palletize high volume production of pads, corrugated board, solid fiber board, padded board / press pan, acetate, foam and plastic materials with different thicknesses. The palletizer offers various advantages to the end users thanks to its flexible conception. Simple and easy to operate, this machine can be used with all kinds of cardboard.

Equipped with a collecting conveyor transferring pieces onto stacker head, it arranges pieces on the pallet located  on the shuttle. Pallet placer head, combined with horizontal movement of the shuttle, permit the pieces to be stacked in the desired order on the pallet.

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Sheets lenghtmin. 120 mm (4 93128”) — max. 1300 mm (51 316”)
Sheets widthmin. 50 mm (1 124128”) — max. 700 mm (27 916”)
Pile heightmax. 1600 mm (63”) included pallet
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