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CAST is an automatic forming machine built to obtain PalBox starting from flat boxes. A stock of flat boxes is positioned at the entrance, then the machine takes out one flat model at a time. A system of suction cups opens the flat model until it takes the volumetric shape. While the product is held in position, two movements fix its configuration: the lower flaps are folded and glued, while the upper edge is - before being glued - also bended.

CAST is a machine designed to be easily moved. The chasis is, in fact, provided with wheels to facilitate movement, and the overall dimensions allow the machine to be easily loaded onto standard vehicles.

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Technical Data

Flat boxes lenght 1250 mm 
Flat boxes width
715 mm | 885 mm | 1165 mm
Formed boxes lenght
785 mm
Formed boxes width
870 mm
Formed boxes height450 mm | 620 mm | 900 mm
Production speed3 scatole/minuto
Boxes storage

50 scatole  spessore cartone 6,5 mm

Electric requirements

 alimentazione elettrica: 3 × 400 V PNE 50 Hz

tensione di comando: 24 V DC

Pneumatic system pressione d’esercizio: 6 bar

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