Corporate purpose

We shape the future of industrial automation

"Helping people grow with automation"

Since the company's foundation, the primary goal has been to provide industrial automation systems worldwide, with the desire to completely automate the production process used in bookbinding, starting from the conveying systems.

Since then, we have come a long way, realizing that every challenge we've taken on has allowed us to enter today's market with an ever-expanding range of solutions.

Over the years, our industrial automation solutions have diversified, including solutions for the converting sector and also in the field of robotics.

Today, Solema consists of three different businesses, all connected by the common thread of industrial automation. This makes us the global reference point for the bookbinding, packaging and cardboard converting sectors, as well as for robotics.

Machines do the hard work; people improve their quality of life

- Our Vision

Create automated systems, by combining standard elements that develop tailored high-productivity solutions

- Our Mission

We are guided by our values

Inclusivity and respect

We are aware that working as a team, where every idea is listened to and valued, allows a better assessment of the end result.


Approaching every daily challenge with positivity leads to always seek responses driven by curiosity and a constant desire to learn.

Punctuality, order, cleanliness

We commit to performing assigned tasks regularly, respecting agreed deadlines, and maintaining both physical and mental order. Adopting these attitudes fosters natural empathy and trust among individuals.


We carry out our work with the understanding that acting as a team, working together, and defining what the common objectives to achieve are, is of fundamental importance.

Reactivity to change

We embrace change as a new beginning, cultivating a proactive growth mindset, and learning to utilize new and more effective processes and tools.


Our sustainable development is based on four pillars: environmental, social, economic, and ethical development.