I choose Pluton


I choose Pluton

Symbol of Solema’s efficiency and reliability.

To place automation in bookbinding premises means to give maximum priority to the products quality. Whether they are glued, shrink wrapped, or sewn. All the previous production steps have given them various value.

The accuracy and delicacy of the mechanical movements are a prerequisite for all of our graphic art products. As the complexity of the automation process increases the more of these features must be exact in each part of the production chain.

Pluton (link), the palletizer for print products – softcover, hardcovers, sewn, shrink-wrapped, or saddle stitched have become the symbol of Solema’s efficiency and reliability.

With the use of stable and consistent pallets you can be certain to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and eliminate a task that can hinder your valued employees health and longevity in your company.

With relying on the Solema Pluton Palletizer (link) you can see its supportive capabilities for intensive works around the clock 24/7. Integration in the machine in to your MIS to control adjustments and operations thanks to data exchange.

The quality and reliability of the Pluton’s sold each year, production and assembly take place in (batches) of series. One of these – ready for December, is still available.

Is the last one of 2019 yours?

Do it better. Do it with Pluton.

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