Muller Martini Publica Pro 15 perfect binder in line with Solema Pluton palletizer


Muller Marini Open House in collaboration with Shandong Xinhua printin

Muller Marini Open House in collaboration with Shandong Xinhua printing

Solema is elated to have had the opportunity to take part in the Open House organized by Muller Martini in collaboration with Shandong Xinhua Printing. Thanks again to Muller Martini for inviting us to showcase our Pluton palletizer as part of the event held at the Jinan site.

The open house exceeded expectations, drawing in more than 120 visitors who expressed great interest in the Publica PRO 15 perfect binder. Solema Pluton palletizer, integrated into the highly automated Muller MartiniPublica PRO 15 line, demonstrated its efficiency and effectiveness in streamlining the end-of-line packaging process. Combined with the Connex workflow system, the line operated at an impressive speed of 14,000 copies/hour, with a lean team of just five people.

The event provided an excellent platform for Solema to engage with key players in the industry. It was particularly astonishing the presence of over 40 of China's largest government printing companies and their top management, who were captivated by the demonstration. This was the chance to highlight the meticulous equipment selection process and the high requirements of Shandong Xinhua Printing, which ultimately led to their investment in the Publica PRO 15. Its high production speed, top-notch quality, exceptional efficiency, and reduced manpower needs were key factors in their decision.

As a leading provider of palletizing solutions in the Graphic Art industry, Solema is proud to have contributed to Shandong Xinhua Printing's positioning as one of the foremost printing factories in China. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this event and look forward to future collaborations with both Muller Martini and Shandong Xinhua Printing.

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