Solema start testing the first Solema Roda machine!


Solema start testing the first Solema Roda machine! | Solema srl

With the support of Roda and BHS staff, we are testing in Solema the fisrt Idealgandria

In these days Solema is testing the first machine partially assembled in our factory in Pedrengo, Italy. The machine is an Idealgandria 130, for simultaneous slitting and crosscutting with high precision electronic advancement.

This machine has been sold from Roda Sales Dept. before the acquisition to the US-customer Bang Printing, but it has been partially assembled here in Solema, so that we could continue our efforts in learning Roda technical know-how by experience and directly in our productive process. The direct participation and constant presenze of Roda and BHS staff is in fact important to allow our staff to learn faster everything concerning these new equipments, in order to manufacture them with our usual efficiency and reliability.

The test we are making on Idealgandria 130 is only the first step for the materialization of Roda project, because in a few weeks we will also start testing the other Solema Roda machine we are working on, that is an Andax, an automatic partition assembling machine for corrugated board partitions. This machine we are partially assembling, was also sold by Roda Sales Dept. before the acquisition ant the final customer is Lewell in Germany.

This great cooperation is leading great results even in short time, as well the Solema staff is working on this new project at its best, contributing with all its experience and competence.

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