SuperCorrExpo 2021, the right way to start again


SuperCorrExpo 2021, the right way to start again

Despite some pandemic restrictions, the productive world comes back to life

Finally we can stop the abstinence from ‘live’ fair events: Supercorrexpo 2021 will take place in Orlando  Florida on August 8th – 12th, 2021.

The North American event, which has a four-year periodicity and is regularly alternated with Correxpo, was scheduled for last year. The Covid emergency played a bad role, however, the events for 2020 have all been rescheduled, and the US expo was no exception.

At the restarting blocks, Solema could not miss the opportunity.

BOOTH 1901. After a lot of ‘remote work’ that we are almost accustomed to, in Orlando we will return to the ‘live’ mode with Mr C.Scott Ellis – Solema USA President – to represent all the innovative strength of Solema.
And, thank to TAPPI organization that has made it possible to show onsite machineries in operation just like in other editions, for Solema there will be an Andax to demonstrate the tangible effectiveness of an automatic system for the assembly of corrugated cardboard partitions.

BOOTH 1901 will be our exhibition space.

To have more info on Solema write to or call +39 035 654111.

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