Towards sustainable development


Towards sustainable development

An eye to the environment and optimisation

It is plain for everybody to see that climate change is a real problem that requires action. We all have a duty, in our own small way, to act with respect for the environment, trying to curb unnecessary waste and attitudes that promote increased pollution.

Solema's development of industrial automation systems can become a keystone through which to have an impact in the field of sustainability, seeking to improve not only production processes to safeguard the well-being of a company’s personnel, but also to improve and optimise the sustainability of processes. A more streamlined and efficient process, without machine and production downtime, for example, allows less power to be used, in addition to the positive effect of having a lower environmental impact. Moreover, throughout the years, Solema has always been committed to respecting the environment with small gestures, for example, its dedication to collecting and sorting production waste, which in the long term has led to the recycling of materials in respect of the environment.

This focus on the environment embedded in the company’s values led to an innovative start to 2023 with the installation of two photovoltaic systems: one for the Pedrengo office consisting of 200 modules, and one for the Torre de Roveri plant consisting of 300 modules. These two systems have an estimated annual production of 310,083 KwH, which is higher during the summer.
These two initiatives will allow the company to reduce its environmental impact, producing and releasing distinctly less CO2 into the environment compared to that produced through procurement until now.

Solema’s goal is to manage its internal operations and personnel as responsibly as possible, seeking to put people and their well-being at the centre of attention. Hence, the decision to move in this direction and promote a culture of constant improvement and sustainable development. Until now, one of the company’s keywords had always been optimisation with regard to resources, time management and spaces, but starting today, thanks to the internal management of all production processes for the development of automation systems, we can add optimisation for the production of electricity.

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