Uni.co – changing production doesn’t mean to change machine


your next cutting system

Are pads and partitions your core business?

In past years, to set up your premise, you surely bought at least three different cutting machines: one to produce corrugated board fillers, one for pads, and another for die-cut ‘Euro-lock’ partitions.

But why you did it?

The real reason was that the pads machine couldn’t do anything more than pads. And the others too: the machine for fillers, only fillers. Nothing more, nothing different. Moreover no further device were designed to extend their productive capabilities.

Now forget all of those limitation. With Uni.co (› link) you will be finally able to expand your business step by step to face new challenges, as now changing production doesn’t mean to change your machine.

Uni.co, the machine your business is looking for.
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