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ANDAX "U" is a very robust and versatile machine designed for the automatic assembly of corrugated board partitions.

It can handle all types of corrugated board and with solid board with maximum consistency and productivity.

Production rates up to max. 35 partition sets/minute (depending on partitions dimensions) 

  • Automatic partition assembler with two hoppers storage, 1 for the "U" shape (longitudinal elements) and 1 for the cross elements
  • Dust suction and vacuum system, to improve the effiency of the assembly on the machine
  • Collapser for automatic closing, counting and stacking of finished pre-set partitions'batches

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Technical Data

Type of boardB,E,F and solid board
Minimum thickness of the board 

0,7 mm 480 gsm - (1/32")

Dimension U elements Max. 880 mm (34 3/4") - Min. 250 mm (9 3/4")
Dimension cross elements 

Max. 400 mm (15 3/4") - Min. 100 (3 7/8")

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