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SOLEMA GANDRIA is designed for accurate, high volume production of blanks in corrugated board for various type of packaging, reinforcements and inner fitments for cartons and boxes, protection packages, pads, filling and blanks.

The machine allows fast and precise cutting of corrugated board, solid fiber board, padded board/press pan, acetate, foam and plastic materials with different thicknesses.

The ability to process two sheets in a single pass, can double the productivity.

SOLEMA GANDRIA cut technique delivers only clean and sharp edges, without dust, and trim waste is automatically ejected from the delivery table.

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Technical Data

Passage widthmax. 1300 mm (51 3/16")
Cross-cutting lenghtmin. 20 mm (50/64") - max. 1200 mm (47 1/4")
Board thickness

solid board: max. 4 mm (5/32")

corrugated board: max. 10 mm (25/64")

Throughputmax. 154 pieces / minute with an advancement length of 5 mm (13/64")
External devices available


cb-feed (automatic feeder from pile)

b-pal (palletizer)

quadro (stacker)

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