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MOSER is a very robust and versatile machine designed for the automatic assembly of solid board and micro-flute partitions.

MOSER is endowed with a PLC with touch screen interface for job settings and to enable the possibility of saving all parameters of the specific product to be recalled in case of a repetitive work, minimizing the machine’s set up time.

Production rates up to max. 50 partition sets/minute (depending on the partitions dimensions). The machine is delivered in standard configuration with 9 longitudinal channels and the possibility of inserting up to 34 cross elements.

For an optimized running speed and productivity the machine can be optionally supplied with COLLAPSER: automatic folding, counting and batching of the assembled partition on a delivery table (collapser cannot be used when running in double production mode).

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Technical Data

Productssolid board — E flutes, min. 0.6 mm (132”)
Machine throughputmax. 50 partitions/minute
Longitudinal elements lenghtmax. 590 mm (23 14”)
Transversal elements lenghtmax. 530 mm (20 78”)
Partition's heightmin. 55 mm (2 34”) — max. 320 mm (12 58”)
Optional devices availablecollapser folder / stacker

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