Cutting machines


Designed for accurate, high speed production of solid fiber partitions, pads and strips directly from the reel.

MULTIROLL-CUT F.L. is an automatic diecutting unit, select with an electronic indexing drive, allows adjustments to be made without stopping the machine.

Diecutting unit is available select from a wide variety of standard partition slotting and pad cutting tools.

Reel stand, equipped with powered reel unwind and hydraulic lifting system.

Fully automatic operation, no need of operator.

Only one person may be required to collect the final product.

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Technical Data

Unwinding unit

reel width: min. 100 mm (3 6064”) — max. 850 mm (33 12”)

board thickness: min. 0,5 mm (3128”) — max. 1,2 mm (6128”)

Production with die-cutcutting lenght: min. 38 mm (1 12”) — max. 400 mm (15 34”)
Production without die-cutcutting lenght: min. 10 mm (2564”) — max. 500 mm (19 58”)
Cutting ratemax. 235 cuts/minute

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