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QUADRO is the ideal stacker for pads, slotted partitions and other paperboard products delivered from rotary slotters, slitter creasers and other cutting machines.

The QUADRO can collect multi out solid or corrugated board products, delivered from manual or automatic machines which are working with either full size sheets or pre slit blanks.

With the QUADRO you will significantly reduce your production costs, pads and partitions will be neatly stacked and ejected to the side, ready to be palletized or delivered to the Assembler.

The "L" shape design of the QUADRO allows the operator to comfortably manage both machine feeding and take off, ensuring fast returns on the minimal investment.

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Technical Data

Suitable product types

corrugated board pads

corrugated board slotted partitions

solid board pads

Working speedmax. 6000 feeds/hour
Row lenght

min. 600 mm (23 58”)

max. 1500 mm (59 116”)

Row width

min. 150 mm (5 78”)

max. 550 mm (21 58”)

Board thickness

min. 2 mm (332”)

max. 8 mm (516”)

Pile's heightmax. 300 mm (11 78”)
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