Preventive maintenance programs

Schedule service interventions to prevent functional wear

Preventive maintenance and control programs for Solema palletizing and conveying systems are the best way to ensure your investment on our graphicart, paperboard or robotics machines.

What could be better than a regular inspection and maintenance carried out directly by one of our specialists on handling and industrial production equipment?

Solema Preventive Maintenance and Control programs are designed to be performed before, during and after each machine’s operation for the automatic palletizing before using any Solema equipment for production workflow.

Our technicians, specialized and very well trained here in Solema, perform activities like:

  • Scheduled maintenance on palletizing systems for bindery
  • Scheduled maintenance on palletizing systems for graphic art industries
  • Scheduled maintenance for paper converting plants
  • Scheduled maintenance on machines for partitions production
  • Scheduled maintenance on machines for automatic assembling of dividers
  • Scheduled maintenance on cutting machines for corrugated and solid board
  • Scheduled maintenance on special machines of boxes production

This service is recommended before and after the performance of complex processes and operations, especially on specific machines. For a proper maintenance protocol, we advise detailed checks made through:

  • Monthly scheduled maintenance
  • Half-yearly scheduled maintenance
  • Yearly scheduled maintenance

according to targeted and personalized needs.

Our Preventive Maintenance and Control programs are not intended for a ‘temporary’ repair, but they are designed to avoid unexpected production interruptions, and overall to avoid expensive unforeseen events, repairing them before they could happen.

Together we will schedule your Preventive Maintenance and Control program, so that you will have the opportunity to plan your machines’ stops, allowing us to take care of your equipment in that timeframe. In this way you will avoid delays in your production and unmatched deadlines, that would bring you consequent economic losses.

A Dependable Asset

Your machine will be ready to run whenever you need it and for as long as you need it on high performances.

Increased Throughput

Accomplish the highest production performances with properly maintained machineries.

Reduced Cost of Operation

Reliable equipment plus highly trained operators have as a result better products and outputs at the end of each day — no more extraordinary work to keep up with your production schedule.

Trained Operators

Guided by a skilled Solema Service Technician, your operators will become always more confident and expert in the set-up procedure and in all the operations of the machine: for palletizing systems for bindery, for palletizing systems for graphic art industries, for paper converting plant, for partitions production machines and for cutting machines for corrugated and solid board.

Our technicians’ scheduled interventions will be targeted to fulfill these tasks:

Machine Audits and Evaluation

The entire machine will be evaluated (overall inspection, in-depth check-up, performances rating) and a detailed report with all feedbacks and recommendations will be provided.

Scheduled maintenance to meet the most important quality and performance standards for:

  • palletizing systems for bindery
  • palletizing systems for graphic art industries
  • paper converting plant
  • partitions production machines
  • dividers automatic assembling machines
  • cutting machines for corrugated and solid board
  • punching machines for corrugated board

Maintenance activities will be performed for the applicable equipment, as well as check and re-set all basic settings to meet factory standards and specifications.

Production and Training Support

Onsite production support and / or training for customer operators and maintenance staff will be provided to optimize overall machine performance and output.

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