Solema launches Solema Service Pack. Ground-breaking services for Customer Care.


Solema launches Solema Service Pack. Ground-breaking services for Cust

Solema is the only one able to propose innovative Customer Care solutions

In the graphicart (› link) – machines and solutions for the automation in bookbinding – and paperboard (› link) – machines for cutting and assembling of solid and corrugated board – the After Sales Service is an integral part of the commercial process.

Sometimes it could be something annoying for customers that have to relate to a new company, but the After Sales, when carefully designed and managed, plays a really important role which can lead to tangible economic and time savings and results.

This is why Solema has decided to launch Solema Service Pack, the ultimate Customer Care deal that includes PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS: the only service that eliminates the expensive emergency repairs of graphicart and paperboard machines. 

Preventive Maintenance Programs are a new type of after-sales assistance dedicated to new or established customers, designed to ensure the perfect functioning of the machines by preventing unpleasant repair costs due to sudden failures or malfunctions, with a considerable saving of money and time. Preventive Maintenance Programs come out from a perfect mix of technological components and long-standing services related to maintenance.

Site Manager and Remote Service Tool: technology for After Sales Service

The advanced services of Solema Customer Care are innovative technological tools that allow direct interventions of remote assistance.

SITE MANAGER – A technological but easy-to-use device, installed on every Solema machine, that can be connected remotely for service and maintenance services. Site Manager allows to check in real time what happened to a machine that has suffered a failure.

REMOTE SERVICE TOOL – An exclusive “universal portable case” that can be connected to many machines, that also contains a Site Manager. Remote Service Tool is equipped with a webcam with micro SD (to store datas) through which Solema technicians can carefully monitor the machine and the related problem in direct dialogue with the technical department of the company where the machine is installed. 

Inside Remote Service Tool you could find also special interactive glasses that make the monitoring of machines from remote even more powerful: once the company operator wears them, they become a shared screen with Solema technicians, who can guide the intervention step-by-step as if they were right in front of the equipment with the operator. 

During the recent health emergency, these special interactive glasses have been a great support for the successful remote installation of our machines, and in the future they will become an increasingly frequent activity.

Preventive Maintenance and Phone Assistance: always two distinctive features of Solema. From today on even more winning.  
Solema Service Pack -
Solema Customer Care services - relies on two services that Solema has always offered its customers from the very beginning: the Maintenance System and Telephone Assistance

SCHEDULED PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS - Everyone is aware that a periodic maintenance check is essential for the proper operation of any type of machine. Our service of Preventive Maintenance provides a scheduled program of the machines’ maintenance activities, allowing both customer and Solema to organize in a better way periodic interventions on the machines, thus preventing any sudden shutdown and/or unexpected failures.
Experience teaches us that when maintenance is programmed it becomes even more advantageous, ensuring the proper functioning of all mechanical components and protecting from any surprises related to malfunctions or unusual wear events on the machines

Moreover, with an initial investment, you will have the guarantee of having always highly performant and perfectly functional machines, avoiding unpleasant downtimes, overtimes and additional costs. 

During every single intervention of scheduled Preventive Maintenance, Solema offers a training and instruction service and support from our specialized technicians. Another way to take advantage of the great decennial experience of Solema team.
By signing a Preventive Maintenance contract, customers would have also access to discounts on the purchase of Solema spare parts. 

PHONE ASSISTANCE –Preventive Maintenance Check and Service program also includes our dedicated Phone Assistance Service providing professional assistance as soon as possible.  

Adhering a Solema Preventive Mainenance Check and Service program you will join a privileged channel, dedicated to customers who strongly believe in Customer Care, choosing to invest not only on the purchase of a technologically advanced machine but also on its performance over time.  

Solema is the only company able to offer in a complete and professional way this innovative and technological service of Remote Assistance - the Remote Service Tool.

The recent experience related to Covid19 has pushed Solema to create an innovative tool that would be able to further improve the performance of the scheduled after-sales remote service dedicated to new or already acquired customers.

For more information on features and costs of Solema Customer Care services please write to or call +39 035 654 111.

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