This automatic book block feeder offers a variety of applications such as hard cover book lines, perfect binders or back gluing machines, and more.

The FAST BOOK is electronically linked to the following machine by an encoder and photocell; its speed is therefore controlled by that machine. The encoder reads the speed and the photocell checks when the finger of the transport chain (where applicable) is passing through. The operator places the book block into the hopper of the boo block feeder. A moving table transfers one single product between two driven rollers (an upper and a lower one). The upper roller is adjustable in height and it is pressed onto the product by a pneumatic cylinder during the transfer process.

The AUTOLOAD is a pre-pile conveyor, consisting of a three meter (ten feet) friction-free conveyor, which automatically feeds the book block feeder. The conveyor is available with infeed direction into the book block feeder from the right or the left side. Also the length of the conveyor can be designed to be adapted to the different room/space conditions.

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Technical Data

Speed of the machinemax. 8000 products/hour
Size of the products without Autoload

min. 120 × 100 mm (4 34 × 4”)

min. 100 × 70 mm (4 × 2 34”) with opt. kit

max. 520 × 440 mm (20 12 × 17 38”)

Pile's height without Autoloadmax. 350 mm (13 34”)
Size of the products with Autoload

min. 120 × 100 mm (4 34 × 4”)

min. 100 × 70 mm (4 × 2 34”) with opt. kit

max. 520 × 330 mm (20 12 × 13”)

Pile's height with Autoloadmax. 200 mm (7 78”)
Thickness of the productsmin. 2 mm (332”) — max. 80 mm (3 18”)

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