“Conveying ideas”: 40 years of history, 40 years of accomplishments, 40 years of trust


“Conveying ideas”: 40 years of history, 40 years of accomplishments, 4

A remarkable anniversary that deserves due importance

As widely announced, this year marks the 40th anniversary of our company's activity, an important milestone achieved thanks to the constant commitment in offering the best products at an ever-higher quality. And our customers’ trust is the proof.

A logo and a dedicated claim – “conveying ideas since 1982” – will accompany us for a whole year. Without going against our firm values ​​of concreteness and low profile, we think this is the right opportunity to collect testimonies, successes, and milestones of our first forty years of activity.

Here are some excerpts from the company monograph.

“Transporting" books within bookbinding departments

This, in a nutshell, is Solema’s raison d’être.

And – in time and with technical creativity – “transporting” took on all elements of the internal production flow in these types of industrial plants: stacking and palletizing are operations essentially aimed at optimising transport.

Along with a full range of “transport” devices in the strictest sense of the word – conveyors and curves – even the first machines were starting to be designed.
Beginning with the FastBook book block feeder. […]

Ennio Mazzola, owner

I'm here talking about Solema 40 years anniversary. An important recognition, demonstrating that in previous years we worked with passion and made the right choices while keeping up with the times.

At the beginning when we started, we were just 5 people, whilst right now we have reached a total of 80 employees, both collaborators and hires. This is what makes me the most happy and serene, together with the awareness of having created a solid company and of international standing.

Thanks go to my sister Maria Teresa, who has always helped me not only within the company, but also in everyday life. In addition, I have to thank Luca Parsani, current CEO, Beppe Magri, Head of the Administrative Department and Luca Borella, Head of the Commercial Department. […]

Raffaello Mazzola, owner

If today, we are here to celebrate Solema 40th anniversary we owe it to a person: my brother Ennio. Without him Solema would not exist.

As a child Ennio was a dynamic kid with a strong attitude in always doing his best, no matter what he had to do. I learnt this approach from him and tried to absorb as much as I could. And so, one day Ennio asked me: "Why don't we open something of our own, together?"

What I like about our history is that we have managed to transform a small artisan activity into a large international reality. And now, 40 years later, I still wonder what is the secret that has allowed us to go on for so long. We have always trusted people, giving them full opportunity to express themselves, putting everyone on the same level. […].

G. Luca Parsani C.E.O.

Solema is first and foremost an opportunity.

Forty years from its founding, this is something I am sure of since the company’s history has largely coincided with my own. A history that has forever been studded with large servings of generosity and empathy, in their most tangible form, albeit sometimes only timidly expressed – on all levels – through the internal relations between staff, and with clients.

In 1993, management gave me a chance. From that moment on, being the sixteen-year-old I was, I had to learn on every front. I had to learn the mechanics on-site, train to be a good salesman, get my head around the English language and learn to listen to requests and suggestions from wherever they came. But perhaps “I had to” are not the right words – I should say, “I was allowed to”. I was in fact completely free to grow within the company, and the same held true for every one of my colleagues. […]

For us, giving importance to this anniversary has nothing to do with self-referential initiatives. Indeed, it is a deserved recognition to those who have achieved high level results by making humility their flag.

For more information please contact info@solema.it or call +39 035 654111.

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