Graphicart, Paperboard divisions and aftersales: 2023 confirms the company's strategic goals


After a 2022 marked by the 40th anniversary of the Solema foundation, this new year will see the confirmation of the company's strategic objectives based on the Graphicart and Paperboard divisions and on After-Sales services.

In the wake of celebrations and important innovations that characterized the year that has just ended, 2023 for Solema will be a year of confirmation of the company's strategic goals, wholly based on the GRAPHICART and PAPERBOARD divisions and on After-Sales services.

The Graphicart division, specialized in conveying systems’ automation for graphic arts, has always been focused on machines' production and smart solutions for the automation in binding sector and on customer’s support for transportation of production flow

The wide range of Solema conveying systems and machinery is designed and built to increase automation in the most important production lines of books, magazines and newspaper, used by the major productors in the graphic art companies all over the world.

Graphicart machines are combined to create customized automation suitable for every need and represent the best guarantee for printers and binders who want to automate their production process. Conveyors, stackers, loaders, cartoning and palletizing systems guarantee cost rationalization, economic savings and a return on investment.

During 2022, Solema Graphicart division stood out for two important market innovations. The first is the launch of the Packaging Line, an innovative concept that revolutionizes the processing flow from Binding to Finishing, come out from continuous listening to customers’ requests looking for new solutions to improve and optimize work. The Packaging Line, which includes all Solema machines dedicated to the Graphic Arts in a single manufacturing process, is an innovative solution that has already been tested and appreciated by numerous customers.

The second innovation was the landing of Tools4Arms, the first Solema series of tools for robotic arms dedicated to the graphic arts. Alpha681, Omega682 and Omega683 are the new sophisticated devices for palletizing and depalletizing books and book blocks.


Solema's Paperboard division, specialized in machines for cutting and assembling solid and corrugated paperboard, was introduced in 2013 after the acquisition of RODA. Thanks to the vast experience gained in the graphic arts sector and the constant commitment to evolving Roda designs aimed at satisfying market needs, Solema has brought paperboard processing products to a new quality level, with greater production flexibility that makes the make size changes faster, with an optimization of production speed. The Paperboard division includes machinery to produce flexible packaging systems for the creation of partitions, pads, angulars, protectors, supports, fillers and trays.

In this way, Solema flexibility favors the search for new solutions for improving paperboard transformation process, making it possible to create a range of safe and effective packaging products for all types of goods, from wine bottles to spare parts for automotive industry, from pharmaceuticals to electrical equipment to cosmetics.

In 2022, the Paperboard division found its consecration with the success achieved by Uni.Co, the modular machine dedicated to cutting solid and corrugated paperboard, characterized by the multiple configurations it can assume over time, with modular functional areas that can be freely added. Uni.Co represents the achievement of the optimization of the technologies present in the Coverting sector. A certainty that has led to the creation of a site entirely dedicated to the machine and to the advertising presence in the prestigious International PaperBoard magazine. Targeted investments have helped transform Uni.Co into a solid and appreciated reality that has led to the sale of 10 machines around the world.


Red and blue, the colors that distinguish the Graphicart and Paperboard divisions, are present in all our online and offline institutional communication tools and, if you come and visit our headquarters in Pedrengo, you will find them as guiding element of all our production and commercial spaces.


Another pillar of the corporate strategy for 2023 is the After-Sales Preventive Maintenance and Telephone Assistance Service, launched in 2021 through the Solema Service Pack - the Customer Care’s offer which, to date, is confirmed as the only service that absorbs expensive urgency interventions of Graphicart and Paperboard machines. Solema Preventive Maintenance represents a new type of scheduled after-sales assistance dedicated to new or existing customers, designed to guarantee the perfect functioning of the machines by preventing repair costs.

In the setting of Graphicart and Paperboard companies, Solema can offer innovative Customer Care tools for remote Technical Assistance. Our Preventive Maintenance service also offers a scheduled calendar of maintenance activities, allowing you to organize periodic interventions on the machines, preventing sudden stops and unexpected breakdowns.

The Scheduled Preventive Maintenance contract, which provides discounts on the purchase of Solema spare parts, also includes the Customized After-Sales Telephone Assistance service which guarantees interventions in the shortest time possible with a team of technicians always available
It is possible to activate the telephone assistance service immediately, agreeing with a Solema technician the most suitable assistance plan for specific needs, or choose to use, from time to time, the paid assistance service(the cost of the call is specified in transparent manner before actual pricing begins).

For more information on the Solema After-Sales and Telephone Assistance Service and the related usage costs, please consult the appropriate page on our website.

* to aim at continuous improvement and to manage the use of dedicated resources more efficiently, from 1 January 2021 the Remote Telephone Assistance Service it was subject to an hourly rate – only for machines that aren’t covered neither under warranty nor under a dedicated Maintenance Program; 

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