Idealgandria, The ideal tool for bookbinders


Idealgandria, The ideal tool for bookbinders | Solema srl

An efficient solution for your business

A bindery that wants to stand out on the market increases the prestige of its product. The first step is to choose carefully the raw materials used in the productive cycle.

SOLEMA IDEALGANDRIA is the machine that helps these companies for the internal production of pads for hardcover: don’t obtain supplies from external producers means in this case to make only the necessary runs without any waste and also the possibility to choose the best raw materials.

IDEALGANDRIA has always been the main machine for the combinate cutting of board.

Nowadays is an even more efficient solution:

  • faster machine set up: air shafts and laser measuring for easier rotary knives set-up; with the automatic register device, make ready is so simple to be always convenient
  • new control panel: 7 "color touch screen with redesigned graphics and more intuitive
  • safe design: new grids and design developments make the machine safer during the production in accordance of the CE Directive on machinery safety.
LEGATORIA CAMISANA, for example, internally produces covers for hardcover books. Before the installation of IDEALGANDRIA, the productive cycle was done in two different steps and was not efficient. With IDEALGANDRIA, the covers’production has become more flexible and automated. In this way, short runs are not a cost to avoid, but contribute to increase the offer. At the same time the production wastes (imperfections, folds, out of tolerance) are only a memory.

Also YONGSUNGSA, a Korean company, has recently chosen IDEALGANDRIA, to place itself on the market with a winning flexibility and productivity. With IDEALGANDRIA, even different runs could become competitive on the market.

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