IPBI 2019 - December Front cover


IPBI 2019 - December Front cover

Why go modular

A machine breaks down, time and time again. You keep making minor adjustments to get by for now, but you know what you really need is a major change to increase both production and efficiency.
s your needs evolve and the landscape is rapidly changing… how do you keep up in a competitive environment when you can’t even manage to keep the machines you do have - functioning smoothly? Without efficient production, a company struggles to remain competitive in the market.

At SOLEMA we hope to be your partner in helping you adapt to more complex product types, making the most out of your investment in new machines, and in adding new capabilities to the equipment you already have. Whatever your needs may have been yesterday, they are likely not the same today and will not be in the future. At SOLEMA we specialize in meeting those needs, whatever they may be.

Changing customer needs and keeping up with a competitive marketplace is what has led SOLEMA to innovating paperboard cutting machines within one modular concept.

Why go modular? You can add sections as you go: slitting and crosscutting to get pads, creasing and scoring for fillers and packaging protections, punching & die cutting for everything else.

To scale the investment is the advantage that customers are looking for. For more information – read more about it on IPBI (link)

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