New project for new industry segments


New project for new industry segments

Solema has always been a dynamic company – this is a further confirmation

A clear characteristic of our company that has demonstrated itself time starting with the development of our very 1st machines; has been our continued focus on the end in mind, with our results-oriented design approach. Starting with the Fastbook Feeder, you can see its’ versatility has helped ensure the ability to process books of different types and sizes, allowing it to work in a multitude of applications.

With a leap forward, we go down the line to the Magic Box Cartoner, Pluton Palletizer, and the patented Venus de-palletizer - all notable examples of Solema innovations. In pursuit of a greater portfolio of equipment, we move into the paperboard division. Here, we can see many new market opportunities which were previously closed to the company.

Precisely this last spur ('embracing new market opportunities') led to three major projects to take off simultaneously in 2020 – all are now actual.

Tools4Arms – graphicart tools for robotic arms

Alpha681, Omega682 and Omega683 represent our offer of human-like robotic arms in the graphicart industry. Investments in specialized hires bringing new and current, advanced technological skills to the table; has helped make these advancements possible. With our R&D teams, we have also been able to develop specific methods, now patented, by which we build automated equipment to palletize and depalletize both books and book blocks.

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Packaging Line – not a machine but a philosophy

Most of the existing binderies are still bound by traditional concepts in their lines. Though they are automated, the binding and finishing phases are still positioned in line with each other. For example, the books are shrink-wrapped or boxed directly after being bound and stacked. This is not uncommon to see in factories across the world today.  However, implementing the Solema Packaging Line philosophy, we propose a better way with just 2 phases and 2 independent lines. In short, it is a question of reorganizing the entire production process aiming to provide greater flexibility and above all better efficiency.

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Uni.Co – four configurations for every kind of partitions

We mentioned above our paperboard division., in its I / G / F / S configurations, is the all-star cutting machine for the paperboard division. It is innovative because of the technologies it incorporates. It is flexible, because it can be set in multiple processing combinations. It is extremely compact. It is expandable, because both functionality and automation degree can be easily expanded at any time by adding operating modules.

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September is the month of restart, right? Upon returning from the summer break we can say that we are equipped with interesting news to introduce to the markets.

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