One year later, how we have created our "Boards" unit..


One year later, how we have created our "Boards" unit.. | Solema srl

It's been a year since we acquired Roda "Pads and Partitions" division, all our staff has worked hard and reached important results, let's check out the latest news.

On May 2013, we completed the acquisition of Roda “Pads and partitions” division, and from that moment on, started for us all a period of study in order to assimilate all the know-how and the technical skill for these machines and this field for us new; now, a year later it’s time to make balances about this and how the process has leaded to the creation on our new business division Solema Boards.

First of all, we analyzed the machines, looking for their strength and weaknesses, then we focused on finding out solutions in order to make them always better performing, as per our products for the Graphic Art industry, adding to them all our experience in designing and manufacturing, that are our trademarks, gained in over 30 years of work.

We made this process without forgetting the origin of these machines, in fact they are branded Solema_incorporating Roda technology and are part of our new business unit Solema Boards, which we are creating also a dedicated website

The result of this process has been the achievement of a generation of machines integrating up-to-date technology. The sale of different machines just after the acquisition of the Roda Business is the evidence that the market has reacted positively to our acquisition.

In January 2014, we managed to install the first machine Solema_incorporating Roda technology fully assembled in our factory. The machine has been bought by the French customer Tout Embal, located in Chemin des Peupliers.

This first machine is the initial result of our efforts in this direction and now we are working continuously on new projects for the coming months (Andax, Gandria..) in order to improve and evolve always new converting solutions to fulfill every customer’s need.

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