Pal-Feeder.. for an easier pallet feeding on Pluton


Pal-Feeder.. for an easier pallet feeding on Pluton | Solema srl

Solema developed Pal-feeder, the easiest and most comfortable way to feed pallet in Pluton pallet magazine...

The Pluton palletizer has been developed from Solema to minimize the effort of piling down products and maximize the productivity in the different areas of the printing and binding processes. The machine can be endowed with different options depending on the requirements.

Following different requests from the end user, Solema has now developed a new device to allow the automatic feeding through pallet lifters of the empty pallet's magazine to make even this operation more comfortable for the operators.

PAL-FEEDER is a loading bay for piles of pallets to be installed in front of the Pluton pallet magazine.

With the PAL-FEEDER, the handling of the pallets is made much easier for the operator, keeping anyway the basic characteristic of foot print and investment rate of the Pluton almost unvaried.

The PAL-FEEDER can be installed as an option on the Pluton and can be retrofitted on any existing Solema palletizer through a modification kit intended to adapt the pallet magazine and machine's guards.

 We have two models of PAL-FEEDER available; one with front loading and one with side loading depending on space available:

 Please look up the video of the PAL-FEEDER with front feeding at the following link:

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