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To show the synergy that can't be imagined

Coming closer to PAPERFLOW, we were questioning ourselves about the results.

PAPERFLOW is an event that has been completely created and promoted by us and our partners from zero, but we also have started in organizing with the certainty that our customers, each one personally invited, would have been glad to come: they would get the unique advantage to see innovative technologies running side by side and to discover something that would be new to them.

During the event we proved ourselves that our thoughts were right. The attendance was very high ant the gadget - given to each visitor, when leaving - resulted as a synthesis of the machines' processes and of the different technologies working together.

After the two weekends, PAPERFLOW turned out as something to be reproposed next years, in the same form, maybe adding new elements, surely showing the very last improvements in papermaking field.

PAPERFLOW what a great idea!!

Our thanks to Peroni Ruggero, SCS Automaberg, Tecnomac and BitDesign.

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