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SOLEMA SOL-COMBI is a cutting machine designed for accurate, high volume production of V-Lock / Euro-Lock partitions, pads, stripes, fitments and packing reinforcement for carton boxes, in solid and corrugated board.

SOLEMA SOL-COMBI is a multi-purpose machine able to perform 8 different, independent operations in a single passage: board feeding, timing, partition die-cutting, creasing, scoring, slitting, cross-cutting and finished products shingling.

SOLEMA SOL-COMBI is the ideal solution for easy production of all types of pads and partitions, combining the precision / accuracy of the process with an easy and fast machine’s set-up, main requirements of the todays production’s cycles.

The TOOLING TABLE (opt.) has been especially designed to ease the die-cut pattern set-up. TOOLING TABLE is equipped with a dedicated crane. Take advantage of having a lifter for top plate die-cut bed. Laser and spotlight make the setting comfortable, and wide drawers will host all of your tooling.

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Technical Data

Input board widthmin. 230 mm (9 1/16") - max. 1400 mm (55 1/8")
Input board lenght

min. 850 mm (33 12”) — max. 2800 mm (110 14”) feeding with sheets

unlimited (single face) feeding from reel with r-feed

Input board thickness

min. 0.8 mm (132”) — max. 8 mm (516”) corrugated board

min. 0.5 mm (164”) — max. 1.4 mm (116”) solid board

Crosscuttingmin. 30 mm (1 316”) — max. 1600 mm (62 6364”)
Machine throughputup to 170 cuts/minute depending on size
External devices available

cb-feed automatic feeder from pile

sb-feed automatic feeder from pile

r-feed automatic feeder from reel (single or double)

b-pal palletizer

quadro stacker

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