2022, the year of Fortieth anniversary – a goal is always a new starting point


2022, the year of Fortieth anniversary – a goal is always a new start

2022 is a year that will remain in the history of Solema, between the celebrations for the fortieth and the birth of special projects to offer even more services to our customers

For Solema, what is about to end will be a year to remember – the company's 40th anniversary’s celebrations were just the tip of the iceberg of an intense 2022, not only from an emotional point of view. The 40th anniversary brought a particular enthusiasm that helped to finalize a series of important projects.

In chronological order, the first of these was the launch of the site entirely dedicated to Uni.Co, a modular machine for cutting solid and corrugated paperboard, also revolutionary due to the multiple configurations it can assume over time, with functional areas that can be added or removed according to customer’s needs.

2022 was also the year of the launch of the Packaging Line – an innovative concept for the graphic art sector – which revolutionizes the processing flow from Binding to Finishing, came about from continuous listening to customer requests looking for new solutions to improve and optimize work.

And then Tools4Arms arrived, the first Solema series of tools for robotic arms dedicated to the graphic arts. Alpha681, Omega682 and Omega683 are the new sophisticated devices for palletizing and depalletizing books and book blocks.

During 2022, we focused on Solema Spare Parts, our e-commerce created to be even closer to customer’s needs, and which offers a vast range of components, even rare ones, with a very responsive shipping service. Spare Parts is constantly updated thanks to the work of a dedicated team which daily enriches the catalog of products on offer with photographs, descriptions and accurate technical data sheets.

Finally, as a summary of a very special year, the launch of Solema App, an innovative tool that allows the entire Solema team to access the central database from any mobile device, sharing individual information with each department.
With Solema App, now:

- the Solema sales group (both those who work in the office and those who are part of the Sales Network) always have the ROI - Return on Investments - calculation tool for automation systems of end of line (SmartBox / MagicBox + MiniPluton / Pluton/ SuperPluton) and for automation systems of assembling partitions (Andax). For the sales force, this calculation tool represents an extraordinary innovation, because it can be consulted directly during the first meeting with the customer.

- Solema Service Technicians, the Solema App represents a powerful work tool, thanks to it they can easily recover all the characteristics of any Solema machine (software version, changes made after installation, etc.) and register in all the details of the intervention they are carrying out in real time.

All essential information in one tool!


At last, but not at least, we thank all those who have contributed to making 2022 a truly unforgettable year: internal and external collaborators, the sales network, partners, suppliers and all the customers who have trusted us over the years. A very special year is coming to an end for us. A goal, yes, but at the same time a new starting point. We therefore invite you to always follow us on all our channels, because other important news will arrive in 2023.

For more information please contact info@solema.it or call +39 035 654111.

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