Solema Packaging Line: the working isle for any Finishing process


Solema Packaging Line

Solema presents the final solution that will transform your business

Are you a manufacturer working in the Graphic Art industry and looking for something that will optimize your finishing processes?

Solema has the solution that suits you: it is called Packaging Line and it is an innovative concept that will transform your working flow from Binding to Finishing. Solema Packaging Line came about from the customers that wanted new solutions to improve and optimize their production
A commitment that brought us to the idea of working isle which states in an automated line that allows the binding and the finishing to run independently and not to interfere one another. 

Isn’t it what you were looking for?

A line that improves the others

Packaging line is structured on such an innovative concept of work that improves and optimizes the production flow during the binding and the finishing phases and it allows to have just one working station to manage all the finishing processes. 

“Packaging Line” means to split into two the operations of binding and finishing. Therefore, the two lines can run each one at its maximum speed without machine downtimes and even induced production stops (the finishing processing is statistically more common at jams).

In this way, we can state that Solema Packaging Line optimizes the other lines. In fact, now, no one finishing machine works in-line with the binding ones anymore.

No more idle times

In legacy GraphicArt industry production lines, finishing machines as labelling and shrink-wrapping are placed in-line with perfect binding or casing machines. This means that during the whole production process, the faster machines have to adapt their speed to the one of the slower ones

To avoid idle times, bottle necks and sobbing runs, Solema designed the Packaging Line. The finishing processing becomes independent from the binding, displacing labeling and shrink-wrapping machines in a parallel line, thus allowing perfect binders and casing machines to work at their maximum speed and for a shorter time

And here is how the working isle has been created, where the finishing processing – that needs longer times to be accomplished – can extend on multiple shifts without the binding running. In this way you optimize costs, time and speed.

Pallet / single book / pallet

The key-idea stands in dividing by two the whole production work (phase 1: binding, phase 2: finishing) and consequently palletize in two distinct moments, one at the end of the phase 1 and the other at the end of the phase 2. This means that before entering phase 2 it is necessary to de-palletize the book’s blocks, but it is worth compared to the full efficiency gained on phase 1.

On the field, phase 1 includes a perfect binder or a casing machine followed by a palletizer. Phase 2, instead, starts de-palletizing the result of phase 1, following all the other finishing operations and ending forming a new pallet of finished products ready to be delivered.

With Packaging Line, the new working flow will be organized as follow: pallet, single book and pallet againEach customer will be able to customize its finishing line with a taylor-made layout designed to offer the maximum flexibility. 

A systems of machines

Packaging Line is designed to work with all the machine in Solema’s Graphics portfolio – some of them, like Venus de-palletizer, has drawn new strength from it

The essence of Solema Packaging Line is to connect machines of various manufacturers in one line. Our strength is to be able to integrate the functioning of our machines with the ones from other suppliers and to let them communicate each other both from a mechanical and software point of view.

Solema machines commonly included in the Packaging Line are:

These machines manage the production flow by connecting machinery also from external suppliers such as shrinkwrapping machines, labeling machines, front cut, jacketing machines.

5 fundamentals that make the difference

The concept of the Packaging Line is structured on 5 fundamentals:

  • Execute the binding processes at their maximum speed by moving the finishing ones in a stand-alone production phase.
  • Reduce the binding machine downtimes thanks to the removal of the in-line finishing processing.
  • Optimize the labour cost on the binding, lines for example by organizing the production on one shift instead of three.   
  • Obtain a flexible finishing line customized for every need.
  • Organize easily the production flow for a better finished product quality.

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