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solema 40 conveying ideas

Solema’s first steps backed to 1982. The 10th of June were filed the founding's documents

What you can see today is a structured company, which has been able to evolve over time to become a market leader in the graphic arts and converting’s automation. Today Solema is a reliable partner who has collected solid experiences in the Graphicart and Paperboard industries, with thousands of machinery installations and hundreds of customers who rely on our business.
Like any reality, Solema also had a beginning. On the 10th of June of forty years ago.

Transport books: belts, curves, lines

The first solutions developed by Solema in the bookbinding area aimed at making automatic the transport of books from one machine to another.

A task not as simple as it seems, because the features of the conveyed products require different working ways. For example, carrying a loose pile of books  neither shrink-wrapped nor strapped  on a roller curve is a counterproductive idea: the pile, in fact, jolts and breaks down, thus nullifying part of the upstream processes. Therefore, in addition to the roller curve, other solutions were necessary developed. Belt curves, roller shutter curves, vertical and parabolic curves. The same for linear belts: telescopic, idle, inclined, and so on.

It was only 1988, when the company was in its sixth year of activity and the products portfolio was already beginning to structure.

The FastBook, the first Drupa. It's time for a change

The years from 1994 to 2001 were the real testing ground for Solema. Starting with the FastBook, a universal book feeder designed without even imagining that it could turn out to be the most effective business card. And it was the FastBook that was at the center of the first participation as an independent exhibitor at Drupa1995.

The turning point was taking shape. It was time to choose: to remain artisans/craftsmen or to undertake the renewal into an industry?

Winning bets

The opening of Solema USA, the development of symbolic machinery – like Pluton, MagicBox, Venus  and the demanding expansion of production with paperboard projects were the pillars on which, between 2002 and 2013, Solema expressed all its own driving force.

Thanks to them, new markets have firmly entered to be part of the commercial commitment. The range has become permanently international, with the 'export' item that has steadily gained ground over the years to settle around the current 85%.

Forty years ago, Solema was taking its first steps, we can say 'warming-up exercises' - if viewed in hindsight. Since then, from the small workshop in Via Verdi in the 1980s, the company has evolved in every aspect. As it should be, all infrastructures have undergone constant updates.

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