B-PAL for solid board. B-PAL for corrugated board


Technical improvements that work

A fully automatic industrial production of pads can’t perform optimally without two important accessory machines: an automatic feederSB‑FEED or CB-FEED — for feeding sheets to cut, and a stacking system for finished products directly on a pallet like B-PAL; but the B-PAL could run only with solid board pads and that was a relevant limitation.

With modifications in the design phase, SOLEMA has been able to extend the B-PAL application to also include corrugated board pads.

More frequent and harmonious movements for the jogger head, added rollers and new dynamic allow to drive gently the corrugated shingle (a corrugated one, in fact, can easily decompose and you lose control!).

The first company which has taken full advantage of the new B-PAL collecting pads from a GANDRIA is the Tuscany customer L.M. Codirenzi, where they have had the B-PAL installed for 6 months. The ability to automatically palletize the products has shown an immediate improvement in the production performance (B-PAL deposits the products without interrupting the shingle flow), whereas the possibility to program the pallet’s composition to progressive heights allows the operator to insert slipsheets. Now the operators saved from palletizing work can perform also other duties.

Nowadays B-PAL means automatic palletizing for solid board and corrugated board also as retrofitting on existing GANDRIA.

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