Ride the wave - Industry 4.0


Ride the wave - Industry 4.0 | Solema srl

Solema is ready

For Italy, the National Industry 4.0 Plan is the government instrument that provides interesting economic benefits for all companies that want to equip their premises with advanced machines – such as Solema ones – to take part in the fourth industrial revolution.

In line with this national development program for companies, Solema has already made important operations with the big players on the market, encouraged to invest in automation from the enormous economic advantages made available by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

On an investment of € 500,000, for example, the fiscal advantage obtained with the super-amortization is around € 200,000, with an over-valuation of the purchased asset amounting to 150% (over-valuation of investments in new or purchased leased assets).

Solema is ready. The operation of the boards machines and that of the most advanced among the graphics ones already run on standard computer architectures that can be easily interfaced with the internal management systems of the customers.

Following this direction, Solema machines are able to transfer significant data for production planning by sending this data from one business process to another.

“This means that the structure of our machinery is already prepared for operational communication with MIS.”

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