RST - Remote service tool

A precious tool for a full featured technical service


Remote Service Tool is the multi-purpose tool of Solema Customer Care offer.

This device allows your machine – both paperboard and graphicart – to be controlled remotely from our Service, giving you the opportunity to have an immediate help during a complex set-up, a quick installation of PLC and HMI software updates and an easily and continuous production monitoring.

Remote Service Tool has two distinctive features:

  • It is portable: like a laptop, can be easily transported and connected to any* Solema machine you own.
    RST is the right choice to get prompt help and software updates for all* your Solema machines by purchasing just one device.
  • It is a kit: as this device includes a pair of interactive glasses and a webcam.
    Buying RST allows you to have one of our technicians’ supervision whenever needed without the tasks and costs of a dedicated trip

The Interactive glasses:

Has your Solema machine suddenly stopped working, and you don’t know where to start in analyzing the problem? Wear the interactive glasses and show in real time the state of the machine directly to one of our experts. Remotely, he will suggest you what to control, and thanks to the immediate transmission of images he will identify the arisen issue. With the augmented reality feature, he will track indicators that you will immediately see on your glasses: your machine’s issue will be shortly solved together.

The Webcam:

On the other hand, if you are assuming that an unexpected behavior of the machine is occurring just while the operator is not overseeing the machine, then the included webcam might help you: you can simply place it at a strategic point, frame the critical area of the machine and start recording. For example you can decide to watch the machine for the whole duration of a shift. The video taken is then stored in the SD card. At this point, Solema technicians have all the necessary data to analyze, identify and solve your problem. 

Remote Service Tool makes these common operations simple and immediate:

  • software updates for HMI and PLC: we can update your machine directly from our offices and make sure about their correct installation
  • troubleshooting: you just need to contact us to have a technician who will take care of any software problem that may arise, for example in case of a wrong communication with other machines or a problem in product counting
  • extra training sessions: the ability to communicate with the software of your machine allows us to guide your operators towards a deeper knowledge of your machine
  • guided setting of the machine: we can support and guide you during the most complex machine set-ups, or in case of difficult arrangements for particular products

RST looks like a toolbox.
Inside you will find:

  • n°1 gateway, for remote connection between RST and our offices
  • n°1 switch ethernet, to connect RST to your Solema machines
  • n°1 pair of interactive glasses, to transfer what your operators see to our offices
  • n°1 network camera, to record unattended shifts and identify machine’s issues
  • n°2 usb connectors, to establish the remote connection also through wifi or 3g
  • n°1 rs232 connectors, to connect RST to your Solema machines
  • n°2 Shuko sockets, to have more sockets for any other device

* RST is compatibile with HMI Siemens and HMI B&R; RST is compatibile with PLC Siemens S7-200 / S7-300 / S7-1200 and PLC B&R

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