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Congratulation, after purchasing your new equipment, both Graphicart or Paperboard, you are now part of the companies that have chosen Solema as serious and reliable partner.

Whether you have purchased machines and solutions for bookbinding automation, or cutting and assembly machines for corrugated and solid cardboard, by preferring Solema you have chosen the reliability and the guarantee of having one of the most performing technical support in these industries. As we will already know, when talking about industrial machines, equipment for the automated processes or conveying systems for the production flow, the only efficient strategy to reduce production stoppages is to prevent them. The inconvenient, we know, is always unforeseeable. That’s why Solema is also a leader in supporting when these unpredictable events occur. Among all the possibilities, one of the most relevant for us is the Telephone Assistance Service*.

We are already Leader for the automation in the Graphicart industry and in the Paperboard converting and we aim to be the same for Aftersale Service support too. Our marked technical approach represents for you the certainty of obtaining the most effective solution for each of your requests. Whether we are talking about spare parts or automation solutions for the most important companies for books production, or about machines for cutting and automatic assembling of corrugated and solid board partitions, our skilled technicians will be able to provide you the right solution or suggestion while working or setting up the machine.

Are you starting your working shift but you don’t know why suddenly your Solema machine doesn’t switch on? Yes, it's not a good surprise, but it’s a part of everyday routine in a working environment. In every moment, Solema technicians will indicate you how you can move on, guiding your actions just with a simple phone call. And what if your hitch requires an articulate or complex response? No problem: one of our well-known features is the maximum flexibility, and it could also happen that you would have the possibility also to talk directly to the technician that installed the machine at your premises.

The Telephone Assistance Service is the easiest one of our Customer Care range, and it is complementary with the others offered.

You can benefit of this service for free when:

  • you have an active Solema Maintenance Preventive Contract
  • the machine you are calling for is under warranty
  • you have bought the Remote Service Tool (RST) from less then 2 years

None of these? No problem. We are here to fulfill your needs. You can have immediately the Telephone Assistance Service, asking to our Aftersales department a quote for a tailor-made Assistance plan, build according your needs, or you can choose from time to time how you want to proceed with our fee-charging Telephone Assistance Service.

* Telephone Assistance Service support is active from 7:30 till 18:00 (GMT+1)
** Charges for the phone calls are indicated before the beginning of the call

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