Solema helps improve records in productivity!


Solema helps improve records in productivity! | Solema srl

Solema is very proud of be part of this record at one of the biggest book producer in the US.

Solema has always been an integrator for production automation in the graphic arts industry and once again have proven our ability to help our customers increase productivity throughput while attaining much needed cost reduction through automation.

While developing important and much needed material handling automation equipment such as our Magic Box (fully automatic cartoning machine) and our complete range of Palletizing equipment (automatic palletizing for cartons, shrink-wrapped packages, book-blocks, etc..). With many installations in Europe, United States and around the world, we have shown the ability to handle many materials effectively, removing ergonomic issues and reducing labor costs typically associated in production facilities.

Recently we have installed in a major US Customer a complete end of line solution with full automation which includes a dual lane cooling tower system with full automation cartoning (MAGIC BOX) and palletizing (PLUTON PALLETIZER). With the addition of this automation the plant has achieved record production runs per hour and for 8 hour shifts.

Automation throughout the production process and especially at the final packaging and pallet preparation has become essential in the marketplace today to stay competitive and provide the much needed technology for the finishing process.

Solema has the answer, please contact us to help you with your automation needs!

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